Jen Baxter

Jen Baxter


Favourite Position(s): Blocker Pivot

Explain your name: Well it is part the name I was born with and part the name I got when I was married.

Skating since: April 2010 (this time

Not enough names, or too many names? Jen Baxter suffers from multiple personality disorder. Off the track is she sweet and lovely, I am not sure! On the track, she is everyone and no-one, anti authoritarian and not very keen on people, playing any position required – she is a feral skater!

Jen doesn’t want to be like you, probably doesn’t respect you and frankly doesn’t care what you think! Watch out in front as well as behind, an omnipotent player of the rave generation.

Don’t be deceived by this CRoC, she is not what she appears, blag and drive are her assets, she will smile when required. A team player she will clear the way for CRoC success.

Vive le CRoC!