NUMBER: l337

Derby Likes: I love being on roller skates, I hate taking them off. Plus I love being in a team with such wonderfully crazy people who make me laugh and drink shots and go dancing….

Occupation: I work in an office, spending most of my time in boring meetings thinking about skating and derby

How long have you been skating? 10 months

Why did you get involved in roller derby? I went to see my friends in their first bout and I was ‘I SO want some of that’. Then I found my local league, went to a session and spent most of my time on my bum and the next day I went out and bought a set of kit! Any sport that means you get to mess about on skates and hit people is something I want to do!

How often do you practice? As often as I can, usually 3 times a week. I even took my skates on holiday so that I could practice my toe starts and transitions in the sun! I would train every day if I could, but sometimes real life gets in the way.

What Pads do you use? I have been the goldilocks of pads, trying scabs and 187’s before settling on TSG all terrain knee pads, pro-tech elbow pads and sfr wristguards.

What Helmet do you use? I have a pretty TSG one for tiny people’s heads. All the cool scary looking new TSG ones are too big for me L

What skates do you use? I love my antiks, I got them as an early Christmas present and if I could live in them all day every day I would. I have Heartless 90’s and Atom Omega 92 wheels, with Bones Swiss bearings. Partially so that I can have purple and green wheels as they look so damn cool J

What were your first pair of skates? I had Rios for about 2 weeks, until I tried some Riedells and realised I didn’t want to wear my rios ever again! Then I went out and got a pair of R3s, which did me for about 6 months until my antiks arrived!

Where did your nick name come from? It’s a nickname I have used for years, my friend used to call me Queen of the Dorks but that was too long for many usernames so it evolved into dorkmistress. I did learn this week that dork is the scientific name for a whale’s ‘junk’.

Any top tips for up and coming Derby Superstars? Learning new skills is tough and can really get frustrating, especially when you see other people whizzing past you! But the only way to master them is to practice practice practice and before long you WILL nail it – and feel amazing!

Oh – and dry your pads as soon as you get home to avoid smelling that bad that no one wants to be your friend!