Roller Grrrls at Cardiff Comic Expo

When we heard that the guys behind ‘Roller Grrrls’ the comic were looking for a few skaters to join them at this year’s Cardiff Comic Expo we knew there was no way that we could miss it. We’ve had a huge derby-crush on the ‘Roller Grrrls’ comic ever since we first saw their art work and after meeting its creator, Gary Erskine, in the flesh we’ve fallen head over heels!


Looking almost as fetching in his kilt as we were in our ‘Pow!’ dresses, Gary proved himself to be not only a brilliant artist but a genuine fan of the sport and our discussions about the merits (or in some cases de-merits!) of certain strategies probably kept him away from his work a little longer than we should have! Hopefully, some of the stories we were able to tell him about CRoC’s antics will at least provide a little bit of inspiration and make up for any distraction we caused!

The Expo itself was great fun. If we weren’t fighting with the carpet in the main hall we were making a spectacle of ourselves on the marble floor of the venue’s foyer (we had to do something to compete with the mass of fans in Cosplay who’d arrived). It was great seeing how excited everyone was about us being there and hopefully our enthusiasm will motivate a few people to strap on a pair of skates and pick up a copy of ‘Roller Grrrls’.

We couldn’t have asked for the day to go any better and when we were finished we were able to cheer our teammates on from a distance as they played the mighty Hellfire Harlots in our first A-team bout of the year. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Here are some images from upcoming comic book ‘Roller Grrrls’, which will feature the Thrills, Spills and Action of Roller Derby… both on and off the track.

Visit the facebook page for more information on ‘Roller Grrrls’.

One of our skaters, Zombride, also visited the expo on Sunday and wrote this review.

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